Jos Crane

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I’ve been working on another novel while Necat is getting finalized for publishing. I’ll go into that another day. What may or may not surprise you is that I already have started my next novel before the first one is complete. In fact, I actually have two novels in progress, but primarily focusing on one.

The idea of this book started several years ago when I was living with one of my best friends. It was a dark night and we were both feeling down about our career paths. I was in a shitty situation and he was trying to become a full-time teacher, which is actually a lot more difficult than it appears and with shit pay on top of that. We were joking about becoming crime lords, and then it led to conversations around having a Youtube series of some idiots trying to become crime lords and accidentally end up in the mafia.

Move forward several years and this is the basis of my next book. We didn’t end up making a Youtube series due to many reasons like time, money, no fancy video equipment, nor knowledge on video production. One thing I can do is write, but I really wanted to get my other novel done because I was really into it. This book is very different from Necat since it’s a comedy/crime compared to a thriller. It’s about half-finished, so I’ll be writing more about it later.