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I have a few updates that I want to discuss about my upcoming novel, my previous novel, and the next novel.

Upcoming Novel

I finished my upcoming novel in the summer of 2023 and have been sharing it with a few readers. They have provided wonderful feedback and I have applied some changes to the novel. The other thing is that I lost my job in the autumn and had been focusing on finding a new source of income instead of focusing on publishing. Now that I have settled into a new role, I will be paying an editor to clean up the novel and publish it.

About the novel:

Chaos and laughter ensue when two down-on-their-luck roommates, Charlie and Yuki, resort to disastrous petty crimes in a desperate attempt to pay their rent in the bustling city of Eastwood.

What starts as a simple plan to commit small-time robberies spirals wildly out of control as these loveable loser buddies fumble into an underworld of eccentric mobsters, ruthless hitmen, massive casino heists, explode-prone pot grow houses, and more. Despite their best efforts, Charlie and Yuki repeatedly find their harebrained schemes backfiring in spectacular and hilarious fashion.

Just when it seems their misfortune has hit rock bottom, a chance casino win suddenly propels Yuki into the upper ranks of the mafia society. Meanwhile, Charlie enters an ill-fated romance with the mysterious Luna who is hiding her own criminal connections and motivations. Unwittingly entangled in dangerous plots far beyond their capabilities, the former roommates’ paths diverge but lead to even greater calamities.

This comedic tale captures the chaos that ensues when two well-meaning but hapless friends stumble into increasingly perilous crimes only to discover there are greater forces at play. As relationships are tested and secrets unveiled, Charlie and Yuki have to navigate their way through the mobsters’ world while trying not to lose themselves – or their lives!

Overflowing with disaster, deception, laughter, and heart, this screwball misadventure story will leave you in stitches.

The name is tentative at this time and was originally entitled “Mafia Chronicles”, but below are a few thoughts thanks to Claude AI. Choose your favorite!

Choose one

Previous Novel:

I recently heard of Inkitt, but only by coincidence. I am always looking for investment opportunities and came across this one and was surprised that I hadn’t heard of it before, being an author and all. In any case, I’ve decided to re-release Necat on Inkitt. I’ve made some updates to the novel and changed some parts around. As I go back and read it, I feel that the pacing could’ve used a lot more work in the first two chapters. The updates will be available for free, so stay tuned:

Next Novel:

I’ve been beta-testing a website called Atlas Author to write my next novel. I like it and it’s resourcefulness for pulling up notes on locations and characters quickly. The next novel is from the perspective of a psychologist who is examining a patient who claims they’ve been to another planet. Progress on this novel has been slow as, again, lost my job and been focusing on that and getting the upcoming novel ready. I also needed to take a break from writing for a while to pursue other interests.