Jos Crane

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When I started writing a book I assumed I could just launch it off to publishers once it was completed and hoped that they would like it, have an editor fuck clean it up, and sell it on some bookshelf no one would find. I was wrong. When I completed Necat, the first thing I had to look for was literary agents. These are people who have some inside scoop with publishers.

I thought it would be pretty straight-forward and simple by sending a bunch of them a couple of pages. I was wrong. Many want something called “query” where they want some info about you, a summary of the book, and a few sentences about why they should read it. Oh, and some pages. While I’ve had several people “beta test” my book and offered wonderful reviews, I’m not good at marketing. So, no agents have taken an interest in my book so far.

I’ve decided to self-publish and commit career suicide before I even start.