Jos Crane

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The clouds started to part ways in the upper-right view of my eyes as various lights of red, purple, and orange danced in waves. It was like the Aurora Borealis without the ghostly green and blue colors. Live music was performing at an amphitheater where my seat faced, but I had tuned it out by focusing on these dancing lights interweaving with each other in some form of ballet.

I saw signs of smoke just underneath where I thought the lights were dancing, maybe only a couple of miles away. It appeared just over a tree-covered hill lying beyond the amphitheater. Encircled by the forest, I began to wonder if it was a wildfire that would soon spread to the forests near me, but the smoke wasn’t dark like one would expect from burning wood. Rather, it was more of a ghostly gray color like a fog that was crocheted into the night sky.

The eerie colors in the sky increasingly parted the clouds as they appeared to move closer to us. While the uninitiated band continued playing their music nestled between giant speakers on the sides and a giant metal roof above them, the audience’s entire focus was now looking up – evaluating whether this was something they should grasp its beauty or fear for their lives. What appeared to be a lightning bolt struck a tree from the sky. Instead of what I expected with a fire or sudden burst of flames, the tree dissipated like mist in the wind. The dancing lights in the sky came ever closer as the clouds above completely vanished. A giant “thud” could be heard from the ground near the trees much like one would expect from a mammoth. Moments passed before another thud, then a row of trees closer than the one we saw vanish moments ago fell under the same fate: simultaneous bolts spawned above them and they dissipated in the wind.

The crowd closest to the performing band ran up the staircases in my direction, where I assumed they were looking for shelter in what was previously an abandoned military base hidden in the mountain. Large metal doors opened up to bathrooms, merchandise shops, and food stalls that were obviously converted from office spaces. Though, the military never admitted what the hidden base was used for.

I could finally see why they ran so frantically at times pushing the slower people ahead of them without the worry about their fates: a giant brain-like structure stood on metal legs like a spider. It ejaculated lightning bolts from every angle as it ignited any object. Trees and parked cars stood no chance against this massive beast as they all vanished without a trace. Seeing the destruction it wrought, I ran toward the giant metal doors behind me. As curiosity caught the better of me and a few other patrons, we peeked around the door to watch the brain-like giant torch the auditorium and eventually the band members underneath. The music had stopped as the stomping of metal feet echoed amongst the mountainous landscape.

The beast climbed up the staircase turning every seat into a mist that started to wear them like a veil. A lightning bolt flashed so brightly near me that it blinded me. With my eyes closed, I turned around quickly to push the person just behind me out of the way so I can escape it. Instead of a person, I felt mist. I squinted my eyes open only to find something like glitter floating in the air in the shape of a human. I shook my head hoping that the image would escape my brain to no avail, then ran towards the bathrooms and hoped to find a stall I could stand on a toilet. Maybe, I thought, it will never find me.