Jos Crane

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Enzio gazed upon the open sea as he sat down in his white chair while the waves brushed against his three-story yacht. He took a sip of his mojito that he hadn’t placed down since he grabbed it from the bar a few minutes earlier. “How do you take it?” The bartender asked before Enzio responded, “with lots of ice.” The ice was nearly melted by now as the sun beamed its miserable heat on him. The saving grace was an umbrella that an assistant had just popped open over his head.

The land had just disappeared from him and it was time to celebrate a successful heist. On the island of Karpathos in Greece, he was keeping a keen eye on a certain celebrity that was visiting Kastellia beach. While they were out enjoying the golden sands, Enzio snuck – or should we say walked in with a purpose – into their hotel room and stole a bracelet rumored to be worth millions of dollars: the Wallace Sympson Onyx.

All he had to do was pretend he belonged, or so he thought, and walk past the guards as if he was on business to attend the hotel suite. It worked. He may have been an idiot or a complete genius, but the armed guards completely ignored him as he marched right into the room, took the bracelet, and jumped out of the window three stories above for no apparent reason.

The lack of him coming out of the doors he entered raised the guards’ suspicion. They inside the room only to reach the window and to see Enzio running down the street. They started to shoot their rubber-bullet guns to stop him, but to no avail. Enzio ran towards his yacht and yelled to the captain to start the engine as he ran up the dock and into his yacht. Only the sea was an obstacle now.

Enzio finished up his sad mojito, then stood up. He walked to the edge of his yacht and pulled the bracelet out of his pocket. He admired the black dots on a gray panther in the style of a bracelet as he held it over the edge and his elbows rested on the balcony wall. With his other hand, he pulled out a postcard and compared the two to make sure it was the real deal. It had to be.

A minor rogue wave hit the side of the boat and the bracelet slipped from his hands into the sea. The postcard, however, still remained within his grip. He stared at the card again, then threw it to the deck as he jumped overboard to fetch the bracelet. Unfortunately, he can’t swim.

Write a story in the crime genre. It’s about the richest person in the world and should include a postcard. Also use the sentence ‘How do you take it?’ Bonus prompt: Your character is fearless to the point of stupidity.

Prompt #6